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  Developer Information

The AnnotatedEarth can be accessed via a .NET Service.  Any client that can call a URL and receive back a XML document in the return stream can access location information on AE.  If you are using a .NET program to access AE, add a reference to the main service at http://www.annotatedearth.com/AELocationService/.  If you are using some other technology, go to that URL to get information about how to call the various URL's. 

If you interested in developing AnnotatedEarth-enabled applications, please read the AnnotatedEarth Site, GNU, and Developer licenses.

Several examples using AE will be released shortly, including C# .NET, VB, and MFC client.

The ASP/VBScript example is now available:  http://www.annotatedearth.com/software/asp/nearme/nearme.asp  This example lets a user enter in their current location and a distance, and uses the AE Location Service to get a list of locations.  This shows how easy it is to interface to the underlying AE system - it took ~45 minutes to fully write the example (and it's the first time the service has been accessed from ASP/VBScript).  Source code available here

The souce to IraqiAlert! and LocationAlert are  available.

All pages on this web sit, excluding user signup (which can only be done via this web site), were created using the location.asmx service.

The various AnnotatedEarth-enabled clients can be found at sourceforge.net
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