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Public All general public locations Photo
Iraqi's Weapons of Mass Destruction Want to know if you're getting close to a Iraqi Chemical Site? Need to see the nearest Nuclear site to inspect? This is a list of locations in Iraqi, as of the end of the Gulf War, that are (and may still be) Chemical, Biological, or Nuclear sites. Most information is from http://www.fas.org Photo
Beta Test If you want to test add/update loc, but the location is bogus or you don't want it around after the beta, this is the group for it! Photo
USC Tour University of South Carolina tour, currently the Horseshoe area. Photo
Columbia Tour Tour covering points of interest in Downtown Columbia, SC. Includes Parts of USC, the State Groups, and the Main street area. Photo
Surveillance Camera List of Surveillance Cameras. Help others get their privacy back, or at least know when someone may be watching Photo

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