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AnnotatedEarth, Copyright 2002, 2003 - The Annotated Earth

The AnnotatedEarth is a user-driven community for location information.  It is specifically designed to provide location-aware information to various devices.  While the web site can be used as a repository of location information (new information can be added, and location information can be found via the web), that information is normally accessed on devices such as laptops, PocketPC's, Palm Pilots, and Cell phones, via a Service interface on this web site.  After a user signs up on this site, they may very well never need it again, instead using various client applications.

Location information can be public, or private, special-function groups can be created.  If you are interested in starting a private group, please contact groups@annotatedearth.com

Anyone can write software that uses and adds to the location information stored on AnnotatedEarth.com.  For more information on how to do this, please look at the developers section.